Through the ROC-NH program, the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund supports the transition of manufactured home parks to resident owned communities (ROCs).

PRI Profile

Manufactured (mobile) home owners face a unique problem in that they own their homes but rent the land beneath them. Despite the name, moving a manufactured home comes with a hefty price tag. When landlords raise rent, residents have no real option but to pay the higher price– or abandon their homes on the lots if they can’t. Since 1983, ROC-NH has been building long-term value for owners of manufactured homes in New Hampshire’s residents-owned communities by helping them purchase and manage their communities. As park owners, residents can stay in their homes and maintain affordable lot rates. The Loan Fund had invested in the ownership of 128 ROCs as of 2019, empowering residents to take charge of their financial futures and keep their communities as a source of affordable housing.


The Loan Fund is providing technical assistance to enable residents to gain the skills and confidence needed as new park owners. With technical assistance, the ROC boards and other volunteers meet weekly to organize how to buy and operate their park, including selecting a property manager and other vendors.