RH Capital Fund

RH Capital Fund II is an early-stage venture fund investing in innovative and equitable solutions in reproductive and maternal health.

PRI Profile

RH Capital Fund II, formed by RHIA Ventures, is an early-stage venture fund that invests in businesses that are innovating solutions to reproductive and maternal health issues that are impacting low-income women and communities of color in the United States. The Fund is a continuation of RHIA Ventures’ efforts to start a movement around filling the capital gap for technologies related to women’s health in the United States. Priority areas for the Fund include reducing maternal mortality, increasing postpartum care, and increasing contraceptive access. Additionally, the Fund’s narrative change strategy challenges dominant narratives and stigmas around reproductive health, seeking to create dialogue between the intersections of race, health, gender, class, and justice.


Since its launch in 2021, RH Capital has raised over $40 million to tackle reproductive and maternal health equity in the United States.