Potlikker Capital

Potlikker Capital invests in BIPOC farming enterprises who have suffered from lack of access to capital due to historic and institutional oppression.

PRI Profile

Potlikker Capital is an integrated capital fund created to holistically serve BIPOC farmers in America who operate at the intersection of racial and climate justice. Governed by farm community members, Potlikker is committed to preserving and increasing the diversity of America’s farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers committed to 1) increasing equitable access to healthy food for their communities, 2) building wealth and knowledge within their local BIPOC farming communities, and 3) farming to address climate change through adopting regenerative farming practices. Potlikker works with BIPOC farming enterprises in the US who suffer from a lack of access to capital due to the agricultural financial sector’s reluctance and unwillingness to take on the risks of small holder farmers of color and their transitions to regenerative farming practices. As a charitable loan fund, Potlikker aims to raise $50 million to redeploy as “reparative capital,” using a combination of non-extractive investments that include low interest loans, grants, and recoverable grants.  Potlikker pairs capital to stabilize and grow businesses with technical assistance and resources to support the implementation of regenerative farming practices and to enable farmers access to higher value markers and cooperative ownership opportunities.


In 2022, Potlikker Capital was named one of “The Transformative 25 Funds” by Integrated Capital Investing. The Transformative 25 is a regular list of funds, banks and initiatives that are demonstrating the power of integrated capital that is designed to reimagine the finance system to work for people and planet.