Dirt Capital Partners

Dirt Capital Partners invests in farmland to promote sustainable farmers’ land access and security.

PRI Profile

Dirt Capital Partners purchases small and sustainably-managed farmland and offers low-cost and flexible terms to small-scale farmers. Dirt Capital’s impact strategy focuses on wealth creation for farmers, many of whom are farmers of color, who employ regenerative practices. Many talented and profitable farmers do not quality for conventional loans and must operate on leased land instead. For farmers, insecure land tenure inhibits multi-year business planning and can have a negative impact on regenerative farming practices. Dirt Capital crafts long-term leases that allow farmers to expand their practices and also provides defined pathways to farmland ownership.


Dirt Capital invested in a 177-acre property in California and is transitioning ownership to up to 10 first- and second-generation Latino immigrant farmers who have been historically excluded from land ownership in the region.