Miistakis, a Blackfoot appellation referring to the Rocky Mountains of Montana/Alberta/ British Columbia, is literally translated as “backbone.”

Grantee Profile

The Foundation’s support for the Miistakis Institute emanates from a recognition that for large landscape conservation to be successful over the long term, there needs to exist within that landscape a balance of humankind and the natural world. Miistakis, a conservation nonprofit organization and research institute that was founded precisely with that balance in mind, undertakes and supports pure and applied research in the ecosystems of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding regions. Miistakis takes knowledge from the academic world and transfers it to the realm of land and resource management.

About Our Grants

In 2018, the Woodcock Foundation awarded the Miistakis Institute $20,000 to support its continued efforts to develop and promote projects that connect citizens, science, and decision-makers that promote the integration of road ecology into government planning in Alberta, Canada.