Credit: Bill Hatcher

Food & Environment Reporting Network

Through partnerships with local and national mainstream media outlets, FERN seeks to tell stories that will have lasting impact.

Grantee Profile

The Food & Environment Reporting Network (FERN) is the first independent, nonprofit news organization that produces award-winning, high-impact investigative and explanatory reporting on food, agriculture, and environmental health through exclusive partnerships with regional and national media outlets. Through our impartial “watchdog” journalism we seek to shine a light on injustices and abuses of power within the food system — both corporate and governmental — while taking full measure of the true impact food and agriculture have on people, public health, animals, and the environment. FERN uncovers, explores, and explains news that is critical to the public’s right to know about food, agriculture, and environmental health in order to inform, inspire, and catalyze change.

About Our Grants

In 2023, the Woodcock Foundation awarded FERN a one-year general operating grant in the amount of $150,000. These funds will support FERN’s food and environmental reporting efforts through watchdog journalism that shines a light on abuses and injustices in our systems.