Groundswell International

Groundswell International works with smallholder farmers to address the root causes of food insecurity, environmental degradation, climate change, and social and economic vulnerability.

Grantee Profile

Founded in 2009, Groundswell International works with local organizations and grassroots community groups to catalyze regenerative agriculture. To address the root causes of food insecurity and environmental degradation, Groundswell works with smallholder farmers—with priority given to marginalized women—to develop an “action-learning” approach. Farmers test ecological farming practices and then spread these approaches and lessons learned through farmer-to-farmer learning networks.

In 2021, Groundswell began its Youth Storytellers Program, creating an opportunity for youth to document and share stories from family famers. The storytellers receive media production and filmmaking training and are given a global platform to advocate for their communities. By directly amplifying the voices of farmers, storytellers are able to question who can feed growing populations and how we feed them.

About Our Grants

In 2024, the Woodcock Foundation awarded Groundswell International a one-year, $25,000 grant to support the Youth Storytellers Program.