By combining the diverse talents of the Food and Society Fellows with communications and policy resources, IATP is ensuring food systems that are healthier, fairer, and more affordable.

Grantee Profile

In recent years the Trustees of the Woodcock Foundation have grown increasingly concerned about the state of our food and agricultural systems, both at home and abroad. In response to the disquieting trends of genetic modification of plants and animals, a lack of nutritional transparency, environmentally unsound agriculture, and increasingly unhealthful diets, the Foundation is beginning to make grants to bring the concept of sustainability to the forefront of the debate.

About Our Grants

The Foundation’s 2011 grant was the second installment of a two-year, $120,000 grant to assist the group’s efforts to inform and shape a public agenda focused on creating sustainable food systems, and is specifically directed to the Food and Community Fellows Program. This program provides a platform for innovative leaders who are using multimedia, policy advocacy and community engagement to promote fresh ideas for all aspects of the national food system. This is achieved, in part, by supporting culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable farming, safe processing and distribution, fair labor standards and healthy food accessible to all.