IATP works locally and globally at the intersection of policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, and farm systems.

Grantee Profile

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has a 30-year history of pursuing cutting edge solutions that benefit family farmers, rural communities and the planet. Its work ranges from advocacy for more democratic and economically just trade agreements and stronger public health protections in chemical policy, to direct programming such as spearheading Farm to Head Start programs. IATP connects the dots between high-level research and analysis and on-the-ground engagement to bring policies to fruition. Its successes and technical expertise within a variety of fields has enabled it to serve as a convener, collaborator, and trusted source for NGO’s, policymakers, and public agencies around the world. 

About Our Grants

In 2018, the Woodcock Foundation awarded the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy a $25,000 grant to support IATP’s collaboration with Alianza Americas. In 2017, Alianza and IATP worked together on the “Good Jobs, Good Neighbors” Midwest Speaker Tour to build awareness about the connections between NAFTA, CAFTA, and labor rights issues across Central America, Mexico, and the US. Woodcock’s grant will support IATP’s efforts in partnership with Alianza to develop a campaign to continue to increase awareness about the connection between trade and immigration policy and the disruption of families, communities, and local economies on both sides of the border.