Catch Invest

Catch Invest focuses on the long-term health and viability of fisheries.

PRI Profile

Catch Invest partners with fishing communities to make sustainable fisheries impact investments. It will work with fishing communities across the country to acquire a total of $20-$25 million in fishing quota, anchoring assets with economic value tied to the long-term health of the fishery, and creating cash flows that support local leadership and ongoing catch share management improvements. Catch Invest’s three core support services are: a permit bank learning hub, leadership coaching, and a capital investment platform.


Catch Invest’s first investment is a transaction to support the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust (MV) to ultimately own and manage .75% of the New England Limited Access General Category (LAGC) scallop quota. In addition, its goals are to preserve and expand fishing access for Martha’s Vineyard’s fishermen, provide living wage jobs for commercial fishermen working out of local harbors, and promote scientific research in local fisheries to ensure stocks are sustainably managed.