Credit: Jason Houston for Rare

Meloy Fund

Meloy Fund will invest in fish-related enterprises that generate triple-bottom line impact.

PRI Profile

The Meloy Fund is an impact investment fund that invests in businesses operating in the coastal economies of Indonesia and the Philippines. Its sector focus includes seafood, aquaculture, fisheries supply chain and logistics, marine biotechnology, marine certification and traceability, coastal and maritime tourism, waste disposal management, and recycling. It provides debt and equity financing to companies that not only have the potential to significantly grow their businesses but are also committed to adopting sustainable policies related to their interactions with coastal communities and marine ecosystems.


Meloy will invest in fishing and seafood-related enterprises that will lead to better management and protection of fisheries, which it sees as formerly under appreciated and undervalued natural assets, while offering an opportunity for local fishermen to secure more sustainable livelihoods. It will work in coordination with Fish Forever, a grant-funded global fisheries recovery program of Rare.