Lumni offers students, regardless of their income, access to affordable higher education.

PRI Profile

Lumni is a pioneer in the field of human capital financing. The company designs and manages investment funds that invest in the education of diversified pools of students. Through an income sharing agreement (ISA), each student commits to pay a fixed percentage of income for a fixed number of months after graduation. The student’s obligation is complete at the end of that period regardless of the sum paid to date. Under this design, students face little risk of overly burdensome debt payments, providing peace of mind for the debt-averse populations that are most in need of funding. Lumni currently manages investment funds in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the United States. Lumni has financed nearly 8,000 students to date, nearly all from low or very low-income backgrounds where funding recipients are the first family members to attend college.


As of late 2016, Lumni has financed a total of 7,716 college students, mostly in South America.