Photo by Valorie Darling. (c) Cottar's Safaris

Africa Conservation and Communities Tourism Fund

The ACCT Fund invests in conservation-focused ecotourism organizations as they recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

PRI Profile

ThirdWay Africa, an impact advisory firm, collaborated with The Nature Conservancy to launch the Africa Conservation and Communities Tourism (ACCT) Fund, which provides flexible and low-cost financing to conservation-focused tourism organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Fund seeks to demonstrate the creditworthiness of tourism operators and assist them as they reopen their operations after Covid-19. The ACCT Fund’s investments in tourism operators are tied to impact covenants to restore and enhance conservation practices, sequester carbon, and preserve wildlands. The strategy incorporates improving local livelihoods by supporting job creation, fair wages, employee training, land ownership, local materials sourcing, and lifting native Africans onto the leadership teams of tourism operators.


Through the Fund, tourism companies are expected to protect and sustainably manage 650,000 square kilometers, which is roughly equivalent to the size of Texas.