Using the practices of venture philanthropy, REDF creates job opportunities for those who are most disconnected from the workforce.

Grantee Profile

REDF employs a social venture capital approach to working with a portfolio of nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area that run a number of businesses which in turn employ very low-income, homeless, and disabled individuals. These businesses have employed thousands of people since 1997.

REDF assists its portfolio organizations in a variety of ways, most notably by providing funding for organizational infrastructure, access to additional funds for capital expenses, strategic business assistance, MBA talent, social outcome measurement and technological tools and training. REDF is a leader in the effort to scale social enterprise nationally.

About Our Grants

In 2021, the Woodcock Foundation awarded REDF a five-year, $1,080,000 grant to REDF’s continued efforts to create jobs and pathways to employment for people facing the greatest barriers to work.