Equis Institute

Equis Institute works to create a better understanding of the Latino electorate, invest in new and innovative approaches to reach and engage them, and uplift the Latino leaders of tomorrow who will implement and carry forward this important work.

Grantee Profile

Equis Institute was launched in 2019 on the belief that the future of American democracy is inextricably linked to our ability to massively increase civic participation among Latinos in the United States. Equis works with partners and allies to learn, research, and help build programs that address the deep-rooted issues that prevent Hispanic and Latino communities from achieving their full potential and influence. In 2020, Equis created a program to monitor and analyze disinformation targeting Latino voters, particularly through social media and other online platforms. Equis found that in 2020 almost 70% of registered Latino voters got their news and information from YouTube, and in response, Equis is countering disinformation in Latino communities through its YouTube program. Equis plans to acquire and develop its own network of YouTube channels (in English and Spanish) to help Latinx people make sense of the world from a progressive, factual viewpoint. The research from Equis’ disinformation program will help to inform the content for its YouTube program and will help Equis to identify target audiences for its YouTube channels.

About Our Grants:

In 2023, the Woodcock Foundation made a two-year grant of $220,000 to Equis Institute to support its YouTube moonshot program.