Meloy Fund will invest in fish-related enterprises that generate triple-bottom line impact.

PRI Profile

The Meloy Fund is a $20 million impact investment fund that will make debt and equity investments in fishing-related enterprises that support the recovery and sustainability of coastal fisheries in Indonesia and the Philippines. Meloy is managed by a subsidiary of Rare, a global conservation organization that empowers local communities using a behavior change approach to drive lasting social and environmental outcomes. Meloy is the first impact fund focused entirely on community small-scale fisheries in the developing tropics. It targets a triple bottom line impact, including improvements in the lives of more than 11,000 fishers who will nearly double their daily income, placement of 1.2 million hectares of coastal habitat under improved management, and a financial return to investors.   


Meloy will invest in fishing and seafood-related enterprises that will lead to better management and protection of fisheries, which it sees as formerly underappreciated and undervalued natural assets, while offering an opportunity for local fishermen to secure more sustainable livelihoods.  It will work in coordination with Fish Forever, a grant-funded global fisheries recovery program of Rare.