How do we Build a 21st Century Super Movement? Innovate. Incubate. Experiment. Collaborate.

Grantee Profile

Gamechanger is a nimble and collaborative national effort to help increase the innovation capacity and relational infrastructure of the progressive movement.  Gamechanger strengthens the innovation (“crazy ideas”) and collaboration (“crazy glue”) power of social movements to build the people power and political will for progressive change. It seeks to accelerate “tipping point” moments –where the right intervention at the right place and time can change history. Gamechanger runs two kinds of programs: Millennial programs focused on creative high-leverage community organizing and voter engagement (the base and new leadership for an upgraded 21st century movement). And multi-generational Innovation & Collaboration programs focused on new ideas, crisis moments, visionary opportunities, cross-movement collaboration, and the first few steps up the ladder of innovation.

About Our Grants

In 2017, the Woodcock Foundation supported Gamechanger Labs with a $15,000 general operating grant, with particular interest in Gamechanger Labs’ targeted efforts to mobilize Millennials. Gamechanger will work to increase voter mobilization efforts targeting young people by building the capacity of other organizations and leaders to effectively reach and engage voters in their networks.