Roots of Empathy is creating a world in which people help more and hurt less by fostering empathy in children.

Grantee Profile

The Roots of Empathy program develops affective empathy in children. The “emotional literacy” taught in the program lays the foundation for children to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. The focus of Roots of Empathy in the long term is to build capacity of the next generation for responsible citizenship and responsive parenting. In the short term, Roots of Empathy focuses on raising levels of empathy, resulting in more respectful and caring relationships and reduced levels of bullying and aggression. The program is universal and engages both girls and boys, however boys benefit uniquely from Roots of Empathy as the program works upstream to break strereotypes on masculinity by showing children that it’s fine for boys to express emotion. The emotional literacy gives boys the skills to manage and regulate emotions, which makes them less like likely to suffer from psychological disorders, including anxiety and depression.

About Our Grants

In 2019, the Woodcock Foundation awarded a $15,000 grant to Roots of Empathy’s US program for efforts to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies through evidence-based classroom programming that reduces levels of aggression among schoolchildren through building empathy.