NuDay Syria provides sustainable aid in a dignified manner for women and children affected by the Syrian crisis.

Grantee Profile

NuDay Syria is the natural extension of local efforts in New England to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis taking place in Syria. Particularly concerned with the plight and vulnerability of displaced Syrian women and children, NuDay advocates for those who now find themselves lacking income and employable skills.

NuDay Syria runs many programs focused on food, education, and medical access, as well as its container project. Through its container project, NuDay ships large containers full of household items, clothing, food, medical equipment, and school supplies to displaced people in Syria. In 2016, NuDay shipped 40 containers, with the overall value of the goods shipped equaling nearly $28 million.

About Our Grants

In 2019, the Woodcock Foundation awarded NuDay Syria a one-year $20,000 grant to support its container project, which collects and ships much-needed supplies to displaced civilians in and around Northern Syria.