Other Previous Grantees

171 Cedar Arts Center

Grants made: $575,000 during 1997-2002 for the Building Campaign and general support.

American Friends of the British Museum

Grants made: $63,130 during 1998-2001 for various campaigns, events, and general support.

American Museum of Natural History Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

Grants made: $10,000 in 2005 for the development of a photography exhibition featuring the wildlife and landscapes of the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor.

Asia Society

Grants made: $62,500 during 1997-1999 for various events and general support.

Center for Educational Innovation – Public Education Association

Grants made: $225,000 during 1997-1999 for the School Leadership Institute.

College of the Atlantic

Grants made: $45,000 during 1997-1999 for the capital campaign and general support.


Grants made: $150,000 during 2000-2002 for conservation and research activities in the Yellowstone to Yukon ecosystem.

Friends of Acadia

Grants made: $90,000 during 1997-2001 for the capital campaign.

Fund for the City of New York

Grants made: $200,000 during 1998-1999 to support the Beacon Schools initiative.

Girls, Inc.

Grants made: $365,000 during 1999-2003 for general support.

Glynwood Center

Grants made: $150,000 during 1998-2000 for the capital campaign.

Greyston Foundation

Grants made: $125,000 during 1998-1999 for the Child Care Center.

International Rescue Committee

Grants made: $55,000 during 1997-1999 for relief operations in Kosovo and general support.

Island Institute

Grants made: $75,000 during 1997-2000 for the capital campaign and general support.

Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

Grants made: $182,000 during 1997-2005 for stem cell research and the capital campaign.

Net Impact

Grants made: $218,371 during 1998-2002 for general support, the Community Development Initiative, the Farber Fellows program, and various internships.

Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative

Grants made: $10,000 in 2004 to support a Yale University workshop on the Yellowstone to Yukon ecosystem.

Peace Development Fund

Grants made: $80,000 during 1998-2000 for the Community Media Project.

Planned Parenthood of New York City

Grants made: $83,000 during 1997-2003 for general support.

Population Council

Grants made: $463,240 during 1997-2003 for the Center for Biomedical Research, capacity building, and general support.

Prospect Park Alliance

Grants made: $420,000 during 1997-2004 for community outreach, leadership training, and general support.

Public Allies – New York

Grants made: $380,000 during 2000-2005 for Project Enterprise, the alumni program, and general support.

Steuben Child Care Project

Grants made: $199,500 during 1997-1999 for child care resource libraries.

Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute

Grants made: $50,000 during 2007 to support one fellow within the Food and Society Policy Fellows Program.

Women’s World Banking

Grants made: $230,000 during 2003-2004 for general support.