Southern Plains Land Trust

SPLT is a Colorado nonprofit that protects shortgrass prairie preserves to ensure ecological health and sustainability of native plants and animals.

PRI Profile

Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT) is a nonprofit land trust based in Lamar, Colorado that creates and protects a network of shortgrass prairie preserves to ensure the future of native animals and plants. SPLT buys land in southeastern Colorado and protect its native flora and fauna and their habitat. There are over 33,000 acres in SPLT’s preserve network and 100% are under conservation. Woodcock’s PRI supported SPLT’s purchase of 18,000 acres of land in southeast Colorado on the Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve in June 2022. Through the acquisition, SPLT seeks to safeguard the carbon sequestration capacity of the prairie grasslands and elevate the ecosystem by restoring native flora and fauna. Prairie grasslands are one of the strongest land sinks, and protecting this ecosystem has strong positive biodiversity and climate impacts.


SPLT estimates that 9.6k metric tons of CO2 will be offset through its land acquisition.