Healthpoint Services Global, Inc.

Improving access to affordable healthcare for India’s rural communities.

PRI Profile

Founded in 2009, Healthpoint Services Global, Inc. (HSG) provided healthcare and safe drinking water services to families in rural villages in Punjab, India. Its rural clinics provided clean drinking water, medicines, diagnostic tools, tele-medical video consultations, and diagnostic tests for low income communities primarily in rural areas.  In 2014, due to financial challenges, HSG’s assets were bought out by another company that was committed to continuing the social impact of HSG by maintaining the water points that provided clean drinking water.


As of 2014, Health Services India (for which Healthpoint Services Global was the majority shareholder) had built a network that provided clean water to over 150,000 people for less than 5 cents per family per day.  It also provided 31,000 tele-medicine consultations and filled 36,500 prescriptions.