Western Transportation Institute

WTI understands that an emerging critical priority for both transportation and natural resource agencies is to make North American highways safer for both drivers and wildlife.

Grantee Profile

Founded in 1994 by the University of Montana and the California Department of Transportation in cooperation with Montana State University, the Western Transportation Institute has grown from a small university research office into a nationally recognized center of excellence in rural transportation research and education.

About Our Grants

The Foundation’s 2013 grant of $45,000 will support the work of Dr. Tony Clevenger as he promotes wildlife connectivity – the free movement of wildlife within its natural ecosystem – while satisfying the needs of today’s transportation infrastructure. Findings from Dr. Clevenger’s science-based research have guided planning and design of wildlife crossings in transportation projects in many parts of the Y2Y ecoregion and throughout North America, and is recognized and respected throughout the world. His work is also at the center of the Foundation’s support of ARC: North American Wildlife Crossing Structure Design Competition.