Spark advances gender equality by engaging the next generation in accessible forms of philanthropy.

Grantee Profile

Spark is a philanthropic network of young professionals who invest to improve the lives of women around the world. Spark educates and trains its members, providing tools, resources, and a shared network to strengthen the next generation of philanthropists and advocates for gender equality. Through its network, it crowdsources grants, pro bono professional services, and connections for investment in grassroots women’s organizations.

Spark was founded in 2004 by seven women who envisioned an organization that would empower young professionals in local communities to address social, political and economic issues that women face globally, by creating a strong local network that worked with grassroots women’s groups worldwide. Today, it’s a network of over 11,000 women and men around the world with a range of programs that help members promote gender justice through traditional philanthropy, as well as through policy advocacy and civic engagement lenses. Spark started with seven women. It has grown to over 11,000 women and men around the world.

About Our Grants

In 2018, the Woodcock Foundation awarded Spark SF a $25,000 general operating grant to support its capacity building efforts and the expansion of its community. Over the next three years, Spark will build and test a new chapter model, launch a digital engagement strategy, and increase its advocacy programs. It will also launch “Spark on the Road,” a training program for young professionals to share best practices in gender equality advocacy, highlighting opportunities to invest in underfunded grassroots women’s organizations.