MCON is for people who give a damn about social change and want to turn their interest into action.

Grantee Profile

Launched in 2011, MCON is a three-day conference, taking place this year in Washington D.C., for people who want to understand how they can engage in and inspire action on behalf of the social causes they care about. For those who want to grow their cause or action, MCON creates access to people who have both succeeded and failed in building movements.

The speakers, panels, social scenes and events at MCON are designed to create a level playing field where everyone can engage and work in tandem. This approach helps organizations, corporations, and individuals understand how to best cultivate interest and action in social good through networking, sharing inspiring stories, and taking part in lively discussions. While MCON is focused on Millennials, it’s a multigenerational event where attendees of all ages have the freedom to discuss the topics that make their hearts beat faster.

About Our Grants

In 2016, the Woodcock Foundation has provided MCON with $15,000 in support for MCON 2016’s “Design & Creative Good” content theme.  The speakers in this content theme will leverage their experience by helping the audience understand the creative design process and thinking behind activating an audience to perform actions in support of a cause.