Make It Work

Make It Work is a campaign and community working to ensure that we don’t have to choose between making a decent living and having a decent life.

Grantee Profile

Make it Work is working to advance economic security for women, men and families across the country. It’s a community of women and men who share the belief that hardworking Americans shouldn’t have to choose between being there for family and earning a living. It’s speaking up, changing the conversation, and seeking new solutions. Make It Work is advancing key policy issues in support of equal pay, affordable child care and long-term care, paid family leave, earned sick days, and workplace decency for pregnant women. It’s collaborating with key partners to achieve wins at a state level and build a national conversation, shift the narrative around working women and families, and developing a pipeline of leaders who represent the issues and can champion them. It’s 2014, and the campaign believes it’s time that all of us are able to make it work.

About Our Grants

In 2017, the Woodcock Foundation provided $150,000 to support the campaign’s innovative communications efforts to engage millennials and otehr stakeholders in support of a 21st century women’s economic agenda in the United States.