International Women’s Health Coalition

IWHC shapes international policy and builds local capacity for women’s health and human rights in Africa, Asia and Latin American to secure a just and healthy life for every woman.

Grantee Profile

The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC)envisions a world where women and girls are free from discrimination, sexual coercion, and violence; where they make free and informed choices concerning their sexuality and reproduction; and where health information and services are accessible to all. To achieve these admirable goals, the IWHC seeks out and empowers women leaders, many of whom work in challenging and sometimes dangerous environments, and provides grants, guidance, and hands-on technical assistance to them and their organizations in Africa, Asia, and LatinAmerica. Also a respected source of information and analysis for policymakers, IWHC providesa strong voice for women’s health and rights in the United Nations, other international bodies, the U.S. Administration and Congress, European capitals, and governments worldwide.

About Our Grants

The Foundation’s 2008 three-year commitment of $315,000 supports IWHC’s work to advance sexual and reproductive rights and health worldwide. The funds will be allocated by IWHC both to on-the-ground partner organizations who are directly securing women’s rights and health, and to activities that hold the most promise of building a foundation for more visionary national and international policies on women’s health and human rights going forward.