Confluence Philanthropy

Confluence Philanthropy promotes environmental sustainability and social justice by helping to move philanthropy in the direction of mission-aligned investing.

Grantee Profile

Confluence Philanthropy supports and catalyzes the work of private, public and community foundations, individual donors, and investment advisors who are committed to moving philanthropy towards mission-aligned investment. Confluence is an international organization with the majority of its members based in the U.S., and a handful in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Its members represent a diversity of institutions, charitable asset types, personal and professional roles, and programmatic missions, but they all share a commitment to a vision of mission-aligned investing. Confluence’s international network represents nearly $134 billion in philanthropic assets.

From its annual conference, to webinars and trainings, to working groups focused on specific areas of investment and change strategies, Confluence’s programs translate learning and connection into concrete action. It promotes mission alignment through a variety of asset classes, investment vehicles and advocacy strategies, including cash, proxy voting, shareholder engagement, program-related investing, screening public equities, and private equity.

About Our Grants

In 2020, the Woodcock Foundation provided Confluence Philanthropy with a $30,000 two-year grant to support its capacity building campaign. These funds will support the organization in deepening member services, offering more learning opportunities, and seeding systems change in response to growing impact investment opportunity alongside the world’s growing needs.