Picture a Province

Natural Landscapes and the Future of the Southwest Alberta Region

Co-sponsors: Woodcock Foundation, The Calgary Foundation, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, Suncor, Energy Foundation, Max Bell Foundation, Kendall Foundation, Wilburforce Foundation, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

A one-day event for funders and environmental groups to learn about opportunities to engage in shaping Alberta’s landscapes. The event focused on Calgary and its environs, as well as the Rocky Mountain foothills and mountain regions.

Program highlights included:

  • Exploring the integral role of southwest Alberta in the Yellowstone to Yukon initiative, a large-scale collaboration for conservation.
  • Learning about and discussing timely issues and innovative approaches in community efforts, applying new research to practice, land use planning, and more.
  • Opportunities to meet leading thinkers and practitioners who are active in the region.

Plans are afoot to host a Picture a Province “Plus 5” in 2011.