Spark aims to increase the overall investment in women’s organizations around the world.

Grantee Profile

Spark was established in 2004 by Maya Garcia Lahham, Spark’s Founding President, after she read an article about Sanaa Abu Bhkeet, a young Palestinian runner who overcame incredible adversities to qualify for the Olympics. It was Sanaa’s story of determination and courage that inspired Maya to find ways to support women in the global community. Along with co-founders Nealan Afsari, Rohini Gupta, Karen Hennessy, Fiona Hsu, Kathleen Kelly Janus and Mona Motwani, Maya envisioned an organization that would empower young professionals in local communities to address social, political, and economic issues that women face globally, by creating a strong local network that worked with grassroots women’s groups worldwide. The Spark founders also wanted to provide young people the opportunity to channel their energy toward becoming involved in both their local and global communities.


Spark started with seven women. It has grown to over 11,000 women and men around the world.

About Our Grants

In 2017, the Woodcock Foundation provided Spark $25,000 in support of it efforts to educate its Millennial network about the importance of political engagement and build awareness about policy issues related to gender equality.