Make no small plans.
– Daniel Burnham

Resources for Grantseekers

Action Without Borders/Idealist

A hub for the nonprofit world

Alliance Magazine

Information and ideas about philanthropy and social investment across the world

Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations

Access to publications, information about networks and links to numerous other resources

Nonprofit Good Practice Guide

A compilation of articles, trends and issues in the nonprofit world, including a glossary

Nonprofit Guides

Grant-writing tools for nonprofit organizations and an extensive list of links

Echoing Green

This organization offers fellowships, small support grants and numerous resources for social entrepreneurs

Grantmakers without Borders

Resources focusing on global social change


National database of nonprofit organizations

NJ/NY Common Application Form

An example of an application form that offers a format for submitting proposals

Proposal Writing Short Course

A quick course on proposal writing by the Foundation Center

Resources for Grantmakers

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The newspaper of the nonprofit world

Council on Foundations

An umbrella group of foundations and charities

Foundation Center

A major resource for grantmakers and grantseekers


Practical wisdom for grantmakers

Philanthropy New York

Resources for philanthropy

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