Woodcock Foundation grantmaking is determined on a case-by-case basis through careful deliberation with grantees, trustees and staff.

Submission of Proposals: If you have been asked to submit a proposal or report to the Foundation, please follow the proposal requirements of the New York/New Jersey Common Application Form. A cover letter from the Executive Director or CEO of the applicant should accompany the materials, and should be written on the organization’s letterhead. The application and support materials can be sent electronically. If you are a current grantee of the organization, the most recent grant letter will indicate the proposal and report due dates. If you are applying for the first time, the Executive Director will discuss with you the date by which the proposal is due.

Submission of Reports: Please use the reporting guidelines of the New York/New Jersey Common Report Form as your guide in reporting to the Foundation. You may choose to present the information in a slightly different format as long as a narrative and fiscal accounting of no more than six pages is included, and the specific questions included in the original grant letter are answered.

Contact Us: Please write to us at info@woodcockfdn.org