Calvert blends financial and social returns so that community investment can be a safe and logical option for all investors.

Grantee Profile

Calvert Foundation is a non-profit lender dedicated to making community investment a safe and logical option for all investors seeking to make a social impact.  Its loan portfolio is comprised of investments in a diverse mix of organizations working in affordable housing, microfinance, fair trade, independent media, small business development, and the establishment of community facilities such as charter schools, daycare centers, and rehabilitation clinics.

About Our Grants

Woodcock’s 2014 grant of $50,000 is for general support to help Calvert Foundation maximize the flow of capital to disadvantaged communities and create a more equitable and sustainable society. This grant will assist Calvert Foundation in its efforts to: develop new approaches to raising investment capital; continue to develop its groundbreaking Women Investing in Women (WIN-WIN) and Ours to Own initiatives; and create new initiatives to galvanize support from specific groups, most notably Millennials.