The Woodcock Foundation supports community development especially when there is an opportunity to improve the educational, economic and environmental circumstances of communities in need. Particular attention is given to programs that encourage and reward leadership, foster entrepreneurship and enhance the quality of life.

Trustees select areas of interest, identify individuals within those areas who possess strong leadership skills, and then invest in them with both financial as well as technical resources. Since 1996, Woodcock has awarded over $30 million (at present around $2.5 million per year) to over 50 organizations, primarily in the areas of social enterprise and economic development, food systems, large landscape conservation, education, media & democracy, gender equality, civil society, and criminal justice.

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Guiding Principles

  • Support constructive systemic change to improve society and the quality of life, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Support unusually able, innovative individuals who can contribute to such change
  • Seek to take advantage of probable change and to influence it in constructive ways
  • Be alert to special situations where the family has particular interest, knowledge or access to exceptional skill