Yellowstone to Yukon Stocktaking

Fall – Winter 2007

This report rendered a probing overview at the ten-year mark of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) as an organized effort to protect one of the world’s last relatively undisturbed landscapes. Rather than performing an impersonal “evaluation” using imprecise metrics, the Stocktaking, undertaken by Dr. Mark Walters, DVM, and professor of journalism at the University of Southern Florida in St. Petersburg, was journalistic in tone and rich in human voices so as to convey the essence of Y2Y, not only as it exists on the ground but as it exists in the minds of Y2Y residents and outside observers. The goal was to provide readers – both those familiar and unfamiliar with Y2Y – the true story of the landscape: how it has evolved over the past decade, how its inhabitants relate to it and each other, and where it will be 100 years from now.