Woodcock has awarded over $30 million to more than 40 organizations, primarily in the areas of social enterprise and economic development, food systems, large landscape conservation, education, media & democracy, gender equality, and civil society.


  • Lindsay Shea
  • Olga Merck Davidson
  • Stuart P. Davidson
  • Jeremy Guth
  • Sabrina Guth
  • Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr., Esq.
  • Margot Brandenburg


  • Polly Guth


  • Rebecca H. Dent, Esq.


  • Stacey Faella, Executive Director

Woodcock Financial Management

  • T. Michael Searson, Financial Advisor
  • Victoria I. Hartman, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Jennifer A. Sale, Portfolio Manager
  • Lydia Moleros, Administrative Associate